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  • OSHA
  • Motivation
  • Prevention
  • Cost

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Why Safety Incentives Backfire

Be careful about giving prizes to employees for NOT getting hurt. OSHA is targeting these popular safety incentive programs because they can actually discourage workers from reporting injuries.

OSHA is now looking at firms with injury rates too good to be true and at incentive programs that give bonuses for not getting hurt. The fine: Up to $70,000 for each violation.

So what types of programs still pass muster with OSHA and keep employees motivated about safety? Read the executive report:

Create and Implement a New Safety Incentive Program

  • Replace injury-related incentive programs without losing motivation
  • How much will a new program cost? Not more than you're paying now
  • 3 ways to use employees' internal drives as safety motivators
  • Why some incentive programs don't work – and what you can do instead
  • What's working for other companies: 14 ideas you can use now

Proven Ways to Improve the Safety Culture at Any Workplace

  • 5 ways to boost near miss reporting and uncover more hazards
  • Keys to get workers to want to master workplace safety
  • Track these 7 leading indicators to reduce injuries now
  • Use risk assessments to reduce or eliminate hazards
  • OSHA's targeting recordkeeping: Best practices to avoid costly violations

Transform Safety Incentive Programs to Get Positive Results

  • Encourage safe behavior without running afoul of OSHA
  • Humanize safety efforts to take your program to the next level
  • Contests and recognition that result in fewer accidents
  • Why reward systems can actually hurt safety initiatives
  • On the spot safety talks that positively impact your program
Preventing Slip-and-Fall Claims: Both Real and Fake
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  • 10 most important takeaways for safety trainers – and how to apply them today
Preventing Slip-and-Fall Claims: Both Real and Fake
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