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Topics Covered:

  • Quality
  • Failure Mode
  • Effects Analysis
  • Anticipating Problems
  • FMEA Processes

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Failure Mode and Effects Analysis: Stopping Errors Before They Happen

What sets the best products and processes apart in terms of quality and reliability? They're made to be functional, versatile and customer-pleasing from the start, saving companies time, money and resources. But how can companies stop errors before they occur? Failure Mode and Effects Analysis gives organizations a tool they can use to anticipate problems before they happen. Here's how:

Proven Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Tools in 30 Minutes

  • Reveal issues before they cost time and money
  • Strategies to solve problems during design, not testing
  • The process: 10 crucial aspects of every successful FMEA
  • Follow through: Action steps to prevent problems
  • 10 limitations and pitfalls to watch out for

Stop Problems Before They Occur

  • Severity ratings and estimated probability: Adaptable 1-10 scales
  • Failure detection likelihood: Determine remote to certain
  • Current controls: Will they work with new products?
  • Prioritize problems: Know which to tackle first
  • Pinpoint failure modes and their effects

Improve Quality of Products and Processes

  • Strategies to make FMEA as effective as possible
  • Take a fresh look at existing processes
  • Cross-discipline teamwork to overcome "silo syndrome"
  • Techniques to identify the scope and its functions
  • Sample forms: Evaluate designs and processes
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