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  • Harmful Statements
  • Communication
  • Morale
  • Productivity
  • Documentation

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Special Executive Report

12 Things a Manager Should Never Say

Don't you hate it when what you say is NOT what they hear?

An enthusiastic and diligent manager will say something and walk away thinking he was encouraging or forceful or decisive. But what follows, is something very different.

This report highlights the common kinds of statements spoken daily by
well-meaning managers trying to send the right message to employees when in fact they're causing problems with morale, motivation and even the law.

The problem isn't intent. The problem is awareness - or lack of it.

Discover which statements have a negative effect on employees and their productivity so you can stop using them and start gaining a harmonious,
well-oiled workplace where employees are treated fairly and in accordance with the law.

Stop Well-Intentioned Conversations from Becoming Misinterpretation Disasters

  • Crucial dos and don'ts for dealing with employees' complaints
  • Documentation best practices to avoid the legal woes of not writing stuff down
  • 4 ways to create an interview environment that attracts
    high-performance people
  • 3-step plan to meet star performers' expectations and keep them moving upward
  • 12 statements managers need to avoid at all costs or run the risk of ruining morale and productivity

Avoid Seemingly Harmless Statements That Undermine Managers' Good Efforts

  • The phrase many managers use with new hires that creates anxiety and confusion
  • Satisfy employees' attention cravings by replacing email with face time
  • The right, respectful standards for managing employees with disabilities
  • What to do when personal situations affect the workplace
  • Pay raise conversations that leave employees with the right attitude and ready to work hard

Gain Awareness About Statements That Have a Negative Effect on Employees

  • Problems with telling employees it's their fault and approaches they'll be more accepting to
  • Keys to set up clear, reachable targets for new employees
  • 5 questions to determine if delegation is your best course of action
  • 3 interview don'ts that scare off good people and leave you with duds
  • Confidentiality alternatives that won't legally jeopardize companies and managers
Business Etiquette: 95 Dos and Don'ts for Managers and Executives
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  • 10 Ways to Advance Your Company's and Personal Reputation
Business Etiquette: 95 Dos and Don'ts for Managers and Executives
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