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  • Board Best Practices
  • Fundraising
  • Board Recruitment
  • Board Orientation

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Best Practices for Today's Nonprofit Boards

Standards have gone up – a lot – for boards during recent years.

Donors, grantmakers, volunteers, Congress and the IRS now demand that organizations increase transparency and board accountability.

This pressure has raised the bar across many different facets of board activities and functions. Competing for donors' precious dollars requires every organization to ramp up its board governance, one step at a time.

The days of a perceived rubber-stamping board are over. New best practices have emerged as a way to meet these standards.

This executive report outlines those best practices. Each one increases board effectiveness through specific, actionable strategies and tactics that lead to donor, client and volunteer confidence, better services, advancement of the organization's mission and increased donations.

The Latest Board Best Practices in 30 Minutes

  • 5 tangible ways to ensure the board stays focused on the mission
  • 5 board fundraising best practices that boost donations
  • 5 ways to improve you board recruiting and orienting process
  • 5 ways to leverage board connections into more gifts, volunteers
  • 5 ways to step up governance to meet and exceed expectations

Boost Fundraising and Recruit Stronger Board Members

  • The bottom line: Who's really responsible for boosting fundraising?
  • Alleviate the boards fear of asking for money by redefining fundraising
  • How to find great donors hiding in plain sight
  • Simple 5-step process to recruit more strategically

Make all Board Activities and Functions More Effective

  • Right-size the board to maximize its effectiveness
  • 3 quick ways to upgrade board orientation
  • 6 concrete ideas to make board meetings even more productive
  • Keys to increase and improve communication between board meetings
Record Retention for Nonprofits:
What You Need to Know
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  • 5 reasons you need a sound document retention policy now
  • The 2 SOX provisions all nonprofits must adhere to
  • The first thing you must do before starting a record retention initiative
  • How to draft a meaningful, custom and realistic document retention policy
  • 6 categories of documents (with examples) you should keep and for how long
  • The #1 reason document retention policies fail – and how to overcome it
Record Retention for Nonprofits: What You Need to Know
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