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Topics Covered:

  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Development
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Departures
  • Replacement

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Succession Planning: How Small to Mid-sized Businesses Can Do It, Too

Suppose one of your key people quits tomorrow. Is there someone in your organization right now equipped and ready to replace that person? Do you know who it is? Would others agree with you?

Succession planning used to be something only big companies did to prepare for when the CEO left. But not anymore. With today's rapidly changing workplace and businesses forced to run lean, succession planning is now something any organization can benefit from.

That's why this executive report gives you expert, proven, clear-cut guidance on how to implement a succession plan at your company. Strengthen your talent pool, make better use of the people you have and be prepared for when key people leave.

Set-up a Successful Succession Plan at Any Organization

  • Succession planning's 6 parts and how to use them at your company
  • Expert help on how to handle potential and performance at any level
  • How to achieve the 4 goals of every successful succession plan
  • Method for filling critical openings with the best possible people
  • Included: Sample succession planning chart and directions to create your own

Strengthen Your Talent Pool and Make Better Use of Who You Have

  • Spot employee skill gaps before they slow down your department
  • 6 questions that will identify specific skillsets required by each job
  • 3 common threads of employee development programs that work
  • Using the "nine-box matrix" to evaluate and develop talent
  • 3 evaluation techniques to decide who's best equipped for an open position

Maintain a High Performing Workforce at All Organizational Levels

  • So what's the ROI? 3 revenue generators of succession planning
  • Where to focus your efforts on different levels of employees
  • Drive results by switching your focus from production to people
  • Meet future needs by analyzing employee potential now
Developing Successful Projects Without a Project Manager
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  • 5 interpersonal skills that indicate a good project manager
  • 12 characteristics of top-notch project managers
  • Why the project's subject doesn't matter when selecting a manager
  • 18-point checklist to determine the likelihood of a project's success before you assign it
  • A 10-point skills assessment to help identify a strong project manager
Developing Successful Projects Without a Project Manager
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