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  • Cold Calling
  • Sales Prospecting
  • Getting Past Gatekeepers
  • Talking to Decision Makers

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The New Cold Call Selling: Strategies to Dramatically Improve Results

Cold call selling has always been the most challenging part of the selling process and it's gotten tougher. Decision-makers are increasingly difficult to reach and resistant to many old hat cold calling tricks.

On the flip side salespeople have become more gun shy as old "tried and true" techniques lose effectiveness and more doors are being shut in their faces or phones slammed in their ear.

But the obituary for cold calling is premature.

The more difficult cold calling becomes, the bigger the opportunity for salespeople who find a way to do it successfully.

To make successful cold calls today, salespeople must start with a positive attitude and develop a new approach to overcome the biggest initial hurdle; getting prospects past the "I'm not interested" or "I'm happy with my present supplier" responses.

This report provides the answers that will allow your salespeople to make fewer cold calls while achieving spectacular results.

Reenergize Cold Call Selling in 30 Minutes

  • The 2 major reasons cold calls succeed or fail
  • 5 cold calling tips to jumpstart your prospecting
  • 4 questions to audit prospects before making your first presentation
  • 16 ways to overcome call reluctance and procrastination
  • 5 attitudes about rejection to internalize before every cold call
  • 25 reasons why your cold call didn't work

New Ways to Reach Decision Makers and Advance Cold Calls

  • 5 steps to get past "I'm not interested" with a strong opening
  • Keys to get prospects to say "Tell me more" in the first 10 seconds
  • 5 ways to develop compelling introductions
  • The #1 reason screeners let people through to decision makers
  • "Is this a sales call?": Be ready for the #1 telephone screener question
  • The best day and times to make cold calls
  • 3 unconventional, high potential times to make cold calls

Winning Strategies for Long-Term Cold Call Success

  • 8 traits of salespeople who excel at cold call selling
  • 12 prospecting techniques to find high-potential prospects
  • Why your product or service is not the most important factor in a cold call
  • Selling against entrenched relationships: 3 pitfalls and how to overcome them
  • How changing your assumptions about when to call prospects will give you a leg up on your competition
  • The 3 added benefits of cold calls most salespeople overlook
Cold Calling: Cracking the Voicemail Barrier
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Cold Calling: Cracking the Voicemail Barrier
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