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  • Selling 2.0
  • Social Media
  • Websites
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Generating Quality Sales Leads in Today's Market

Generating quality leads in the digital age has never been more challenging nor more essential to success. But beware the pitfalls.

The Internet has opened the door to infinite ways to scout, pursue and close new prospects. But there are also more low-profit distractions out there to drain time, money, and resources. Want to avoid the many pitfalls and streamline your lead generation process? Read this Executive Report:

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Most Reliable, Cost-Effective Lead Gen Sources

  • The most crucial sales metric – and how to use it to choose the best lead gen tool
  • 3 keys to maximizing the number of referrals you earn
  • 4 actionable steps to creating a referral program based on email marketing
  • Online resources: 10 no- or low-cost websites you can use to improve the quality of prospects in your pipeline – today!

Key Tactics to Perfect Your Lead Generation Efforts and Maximize Referrals

  • Set yourself up for success: 4 proven strategies to effectively segment your sales force
  • 3 ways to monitor your sales leads more effectively – and determine which sources provide the most bang for your buck
  • The secret to success: 2 little-know metrics world-class sales organizations swear by
  • The proof is in the pudding: 9 real-world tactics that sent lead generation soaring for modern-day companies

Success Stories You Can Model

  • The 3-step plan one company used to generate over 630,000 monthly Facebook views &ndash and how you can do the same
  • Get the maximum ROI: 3 stats that dictate the success of your lead generation efforts
  • 3 proven strategies for achieving high profit margins
  • Crush the competition! 2 strategies WCSO's use to consistently stay on top
Writing White Papers That Generate Leads
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  • The simple conversation your white paper must have with readers
  • Why 50% of executives claim white papers influence their buying decisions
  • 7 white paper tips to guarantee you hit the mark
  • 5 critical components of a lead-generating white paper
  • 3 things that kill a white paper's persuasive power
  • 10-point checklist to evaluate your white paper
  • The most important element of any white paper (that most people neglect)
Writing White Papers That Generate Leads
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