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Topics Covered:

  • Termination
  • Documentation
  • Employment Law
  • Verbal Warnings
  • Common Pitfalls

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Terminating Without Fear: What Employers Need to Know

Too many managers let fears of legal repercussions cloud their judgment about pulling the trigger on terminations.

But successful organizations never put off the inevitable. How a termination is handled makes all the difference between professionally parting ways … or getting slapped with a lawsuit.

This Executive Report lays out proven steps employers should take when dismissing employees so that managers can truly fire – when it is necessary – without fear.

Dismiss Employees While Minimizing Legal Exposure

  • Bulletproof documentation practices that halt frivolous lawsuits
  • Top 3 areas where managers slip up during the termination process
  • Legal ramifications of keeping marginal performers on board
  • Red flags that a termination conversation could cause legal trouble
  • Today's best practices when dealing with employee dismissals

Protect Your Organization from Termination Lawsuits

  • Top 6 reasons terminated employees sue and how to avoid them
  • Getting employees to sign disciplinary documents whether they agree or not
  • Legal pitfalls of probationary periods: Protecting your organization
  • Included: Script for an appropriate and legal termination conversation
  • Strategies to handle reference requests without legal backlash

Navigate the Complex Laws of Employee Termination

  • Severance packages: What some companies are required to offer
  • Dealing with employee fallout after a coworker is let go
  • Dispelling the myths of 'at-will' employment
  • Training managers to deliver verbal warnings that will stick in court
  • Key role employee handbooks play in setting expectations
8 Court Decisions Every Manager and Supervisor Needs to Know
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  • Legal snares of performance-improvement plans – and how to prevent them
  • Effectively halt after-work incidents from negatively affecting the work environment
  • Best practices to deal with false complaints and the employees who make thems
8 Court Decisions Every Manager and Supervisor Needs to Know
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