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Topics Covered:

  • Approaching Satisfied Customers
  • Differentiating Your Product
  • Building Trust
  • Effective Presentations
  • Handling Objections

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Taking on an Embedded Competitor: Convincing Customers You're the Better Fit

You find a new prospect that looks to have all the makings of a great account - almost a carbon copy of some of your biggest customers. You navigate through gatekeepers for a few days and finally get to the decision maker.

Then, right as you make your introduction, you're hit with:

"I'm satisfied with my present supplier."

Hearing that is deflating for the average salesperson, who proceeds to put the prospect in their inactive file. But this is one situation that separates great salespeople.

The best salespeople understand three key things:

  1. The prospect already understands they have a need for your type of product or service.
  2. Established relationships are not a marriage, rather a business deal that could be improved on.
  3. There is a proven process for taking on an embedded competitor that reaps huge results when executed with persistence.

This report walks you through that process, step by step, giving you a framework and the ammunition to increase sales by consulting high potential accounts to switch to your offering.

Dos and don'ts of selling against the competition

  • 3 key points to keep in mind about embedded prospects
  • 10 concrete tips to help end a competitor's long-term relationship
  • 3 things you should never do when approaching a satisfied customer
  • 8 proven ways to get a prospect to want what you're selling

Differentiating yourself from your competitor – and communicating the difference clearly

  • 5 common sources of competitive intelligence
  • 3 questions that help determine what separates you from your competitor
  • How to convey the 3 levels of value you can deliver
  • A 4-point formula that helps show your differences more effectively

Tactfully handling objections from a satisfied customer

  • 4 categories of price objections and how to overcome each
  • 2 ways online resourcing has altered the initial selling process – and how to adapt
  • 10 leading rhetorical strategies buyers use to get lower prices
  • 5 objections that help by uncovering areas for improvement
Value-Added Selling:
What It Takes to Win and
Keep Customers Today
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  • 6 keys to building trust and the optimum selling environment
  • Closing: Using value-added negotiations to seal the deal
  • Pinpoint and avoid 4 reasons why value-added selling fails
Value-Added Selling: What It Takes to Win and Keep Customers Today
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