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  • Overcoming Objections
  • Negotiating
  • Difficult Customers

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The Right Things to Say During a Sales Call: 12 Scripts Every Salesperson Can Use

"Your price is too high."

"I'm satisfied with my present supplier."

"We have nothing else to discuss."

Imagine how much more business you would generate if all your sales reps had an effective plan to handle those - and many other - common, yet tough sales situations.

To help salespeople consistently get past those types of objections we've developed: "The Right Thing to Say During a Sales Call: 12 Scripts Every Salesperson Can Use."

Get this practical guide containing repeatable sales scripts and supporting principles and frameworks to effectively handle 12 of the most common, difficult to navigate sales scenarios.

Don't let your sales reps wing it hoping for sales success - this guide provides a better way.

12 Scripts for Difficult Sales Situations

  • Scenario #1: "I'm satisfied with my present supplier"
  • Scenario #2: "Your price is too high"
  • Scenario #3: Opening a cold call effectively
  • Scenario #4: Dealing with multiple decision-makers
  • Scenario #5: Negotiating with a difficult prospect
  • Scenario #6: When a customer complains
  • Scenario #7: Salvaging at-risk customers
  • Scenario #8: Selling a prospect who has already said "no"
  • Scenario #9: Making an effective presentation
  • Scenario #10: Selling more to existing customers
  • Scenario #11: Converting prospects by asking the right questions
  • Scenario #12: Selling to top executives

Turn Common Customer Objections into Profitable Sales Opportunities

  • Effective troubleshooting: 5 tactics to overcome a customer complaint
  • 5 major reasons why prospects voice price objections - and how to overcome each
  • 9 strategies to get a prospect to switch from a competitor
  • Use the right follow-up program to salvage at-risk customers
  • "I'm not interested" – 5 tips for avoiding immediate brush-offs

Learn Strategies for Navigating Difficult Sales Situation

  • 6 characteristics of persuasive presentations that develop a sense of urgency and stimulate action
  • 4-step strategy for planning questions in advance of the call
  • The secret to timing your questions
  • 4 reasons why buyers don't become repeat customers - and 5 ways to generate loyalty instead
  • 3 proven tactics to gain access to the C-suite, earn a high-level decision maker's trust and ultimately win more business
How to Make Winning Presentations: What's Working in Sales
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  • Why sales presentations fail – and how to avoid it
How to Make Winning Presentations: What's Working in Sales
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