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  • Legalities
  • Hiring
  • Mistakes

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Interviewing: Weed Out Slackers, Stupid People and Bad Fits

You spend countless hours looking for your next best hire. And after sifting through stacks of resumes and picking the handful you think are great, you still end up hiring a dud. What went wrong? The interview.

It's the one place in the hiring process where finding the right person has a lot of wiggle room. The interview is full of opportunities for misinterpretation, misunderstanding and just plain missing the mark.

So how can you be sure your next interviews lead to a successful hire? Read the executive report:

Stop Poor Performers from Squeaking Through the Hiring Process

  • 8 great questions (and answers) that can be used for any interview
  • Creating an environment that attracts high-performance people
  • Common characteristics you should seek out in every hire
  • Top 3 things you never want to happen during an interview
  • Sample post-interview form that eases hiring decisions

Best Practices for Hiring an All-Star Staff

  • Take charge of the interview to get the best possible hire
  • Overcome the top 3 pre-interview roadblocks
  • Rundown of what must be covered at every interview
  • 2 reasons using the same interview questions works to your advantage
  • 3 don'ts that make or break the beginning of an interview

Interview Skills That Work Every Time

  • Focused interview questions that get people in the right positions
  • What candidates' answers say about their future success
  • Suggested interview timeline: It's shorter than you think
  • 4 benchmark legal cases: Would you have made the right decision?
  • Why putting off hiring decisions can turn into a big mistake

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