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  • OSHA
  • Inspections
  • Fines
  • Enforcement
  • Investigations

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Surviving an OSHA Inspection: Key Steps Before, During and After

OSHA's ramping up inspections with a vengeance and your organization could be their next target. With fines reaching into the million dollar range, knowing how to survive an OSHA inspection is more important than ever. Even MORE inspections are coming this year and companies need to know what inspectors are looking for and have a plan in place before an inspection ever begins. So what do you do if OSHA comes knocking?

Surviving an inspection with the least possible damage

  • Checklist: The 14 most important things to do during an inspection
  • Initiatives and areas OSHA's targeting first
  • Inspection pitfalls: Things you should never do or say
  • Red flags that invite OSHA to show up at your facility
  • Defense strategies against fines and citations

Protecting your organization before, during and after inspections

  • Inspection procedure helping companies' combat fines
  • No. 1 thing OSHA's looking for after an inspection
  • Proposed legislation giving angry workers another way to seek revenge
  • Is it a good idea to make OSHA get a search warrant?
  • OSHA penalty jargon – and its implications for you

Keys to avoiding OSHA's astronomical fines

  • 3-point plan to protect your organization from costly fines
  • Resolving employee complaints before OSHA turns up
  • Appeal procedures that could save you from major payouts
  • Training employees on how to handle an inspection
  • Commonly overlooked details that could cost your company big
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