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  • PPE
  • Compliance
  • Training
  • Enforcement
  • Recognition

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Get Workers to Wear Their PPE: 32 Best Practices That Work

89% of workers don't always wear PPE when they should. And the excuses are endless. "It doesn't fit right." "It's uncomfortable." "I didn't have time." "I didn't know." "I just forgot." Worst of all: "I won't get in an accident." How do you get your guys to wear their gear so you can send them home the way they came to work injury-free? Read the executive report:

Boosting PPE safety compliance in 30 minutes:

  • Overcoming the, "I didn't have time to put on my PPE," excuse
  • PPE enforcement that won't make you the bad guy
  • Red flags that point out workers who are accidents waiting to happen
  • 89% of workers break PPE rules: Surefire ways to improve compliance
  • Strategies to handle one-time rule breakers and multiple offenders

Overcome excuses and motivate workers to wear their gear:

  • Personalized, popular gear workers want to wear
  • Storage strategies: Key places to stash equipment that promote and improve use
  • Words and phrases encouraging improved compliance
  • Best ways to keep workers cool in hot PPE and working conditions

Send workers home the way they came in – injury-free:

  • Training ideas that hammer home safety in any industry
  • PPE fines on the rise: 32 keys to compliance
  • Equipment with the most dangerous wear and tear: What to check first
  • Signage that stands out and ensures workers know what gear's required
Reducing Back Injuries: What Supervisors and Employees Need to Know
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