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  • Employee Handbook
  • Policy Statements
  • Human Resources
  • Policy Manuals
  • HR Policy

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Is Your Employee Handbook Legal? 139 Questions You Need to Ask

Is there a lawsuit hiding in your employee handbook? Does your handbook actually say too much? Every day, organizations find themselves in court because of poorly written handbooks or for not having one at all.

Airtight employee handbooks – help you manage expectations, clear confusion and provide a solid defense against frivolous lawsuits. How can you ensure your employee handbook doesn't land you in court?

Employee Handbook Guidelines in 30 Minutes

  • In or out? Topics & language to include and exclude from your handbook
  • 3 disclaimers that can prevent lawsuits from going to trial
  • Statements that shouldn't be anywhere in your employee handbook
  • 4 keys to crafting an NLRB compliant social media policy
  • Making changes: Avoiding pitfalls that land you in court
  • INCLUDED: Sample policies in 5 critical areas

Auditing Policy Statements: Key Areas, Questions and Red Flags

  • At-will status: Do employees think your handbook is a contract?
  • Termination: Ensure fired employees don't come back to bite you
  • Hiring: Are reasonable accommodations clearly explained?
  • Attendance & Dress Code
  • Employee Privacy
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Promotion
  • Equal Pay
  • Leaves of Absence
  • Employee Complaint Procedures & Resolution
  • Safety & Health

Legally Bullet-Proof your Employee Handbook

  • What the courts have said when examining employee handbooks
  • Practical ways to manage employee expectations and reduce liability
  • Common mistakes organizations make and how to avoid them
  • HR Audit every employee handbook should go through
12 Traps Lurking in Your Employee Handbook
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  • Accounting for modern technology: How your policies should change
  • Non-compete clause missteps attorneys look for
  • Rogue, unenforceable policies to watch out for
  • Sexual harassment policies: Common pitfalls that land you in court
12 Traps Lurking in Your Employee Handbook
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