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Confronting and Changing At-Risk Behavior: The Road to a Zero-Injury Workplace

How many times do you tell your workers to wear their safety gear only to catch them without it? How often do you stress the importance of following safety procedures only to spot someone taking a dangerous shortcut? How can you finally change the "just this once" mindset that leads to so many accidents and injuries? Here's how:

Improve Workplace Safety in 30 Minutes

  • Why people don't care about safety – and changing that mindset
  • The 3 most critical factors in workplace safety
  • Focusing on failure: Avoiding the most common mistake in safety
  • 4 keys to get workers to actively care about safety
  • Safety hazards: Overcome workers' attitude of "Somebody else will do it"

In This Concise Report

  • Utilizing safety training to create a zero-injury workplace
  • Motivational tactics that promote safe behavior
  • Positive scorecard to measure proactive safety initiatives
  • Use the 7 dimensions in people to promote positive behavior
  • Goal setting strategy that makes workers care about safety


  • Safety incentives: The good, bad and the "Don't even think about it"
  • Guard against apathy: Keys to increasing "safety participation"
  • Energize your employees to be more responsible for safety
  • Remove barriers that block the path to an injury-free workplace
  • Reduce at-risk behavior with powerful "intervention strategies"
10 Ways to Create a Better Safety Culture
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  • The human factor: Focusing on people as the greatest risk
  • Using the surrounding culture to steer workers away from cutting corners
  • 3 questions that must be asked during every safety audit
  • Risk management techniques that improve safety culture
  • At-risk behavior that shows where improvements are necessary
10 Ways to Create a Better Safety Culture
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