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Topics Covered:

  • Reduction in Force
  • Downsizing
  • Layoffs
  • RIFs

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Downsizing: Doing It Right While Minimizing the Pain

No business wants to retrench, but sometimes laying off employees is the smart thing to do. Yes, RIFs are always painful. But done right, the pain can be minimized. And your organization will be able to maintain employee morale and be positioned to bounce back even stronger – while avoiding costly legal pitfalls. How to do it? This executive report outlines what every department in the company needs to do.

Specific must-do tasks for 7 critical areas within your organization:

  • Human resources: 12 questions and answers to check before layoffs take place
  • Payroll: 4 ways to ensure compliance with state and federal laws
  • Operations: 3 keys to ensure a smooth transition
  • Controller: Maintain internal and financial controls – 2 keys
  • Employee benefits: 4 critical steps every benefits manager must do
  • Facilities: 7 areas to check to avoid post-RIF issues
  • Information technology: 5 immediate steps to ensure data security after layoffs

Bounce back strong after a reduction in force:

  • Avoid the legal tangles that follow most RIFs
  • Make sure managers are on the same page to avoid discrimination claims
  • Get the timing just right
  • Documenting: What's too much? Too little?
Business Continuity Plans: Make Sure Your Business Survives Its Crisis
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Business Continuity Plans: Make Sure Your Business Survives Its Crisis
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