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Topics Covered:

  • T&E Compliance
  • Expense Reports
  • Travel Expenses
  • Business Receipts
  • IRS Penalties
  • Reimbursements

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Special Executive Report

T&E Best Practices: Complete Guide to Ensure Compliance

Travel and entertainment (T&E) can be an ongoing headache for AP. T&E operations are often vulnerable to innocent mistakes, abuse, escalating costs and increased IRS scrutiny. To prevent such problems savvy finance professionals implement proven best practices whether they handle 10 or 10,000 T&E expense reports a year. How do they do it?

T&E Best Practices in 30 Minutes

  • 5 questions accounting must ask to ensure IRS compliance
  • Rock-solid recordkeeping: What receipts you need and for how long
  • T&E policies and procedures that control costs and reduce errors
  • When to say 'no': Prevent employees from milking the system
  • Eliminate mistakes from T&E processes

Travel and Entertainment Compliance – What You Need to Know

  • Get the info you need: Overcome the 'I'm too busy for paperwork' excuse
  • Handling cash advances: Controlling them on your own terms
  • Expense reimbursement dos and don'ts
  • Receipts: Why the IRS' $75 rule should not be a best practice for your organization
  • Company credit cards: 3 major questions your department needs to ask

Bullet-proof Your T&E Operations

  • Keys to get buy-in from everyone - top to bottom
  • Using Excel spreadsheets to expedite expense reporting
  • 'Not without a slip!': Combating T&E fraud and abuse
  • T&E auditing: How much is too much?
  • Resources and tricky T&E questions answered
Hassle-Free Business Travel: 79 Ways to Make the Next Trip Painless
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