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  • Motivation
  • Management
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Performance
  • Leadership
  • Productivity

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Motivating Employees: What Every Manager Needs to Know

Motivating employees is the toughest thing managers and supervisors do. And it's not about giving people more money, perks or benefits.

The best managers know how to get employees to motivate themselves to exceed the minimum requirements of a job. They use soft skills to maximize good people's intrinsic talent. How do they do it?

Motivation Techniques for New Managers in 30 Minutes

  • Keys to motivating without money
  • 10 common mistakes rookie managers make - And how to avoid them
  • The differences between 'true motivators' and 'maintainers'
  • 11 dos and don'ts of employee motivation

Understand and Apply Real Employee Motivators

  • Recognition without breaking the bank
  • Appreciation: The key to repeated positive behaviors
  • Keys to create an exciting work environment
  • Productive fun: "I can't believe they're paying me to do this!"
  • Tapping into employees' sense of belonging
  • Preventing "I don't know what my boss wants from me" feelings
  • Communication skills that strengthen teamwork

Become the Manager Everyone Wants to Work For

  • Influence the 8 principles of human behavior
  • The X-factor all great managers exude
  • Focusing motivation efforts to get the biggest impact
  • Proven ways to increase employee loyalty
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