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  • Finance
  • Cash Flow
  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Accounting

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What Non-Finance Managers Need to Know About Finance

More than 50% of managers and executives couldn't describe the difference between "cash" and "profit," according to a recent Harvard Business Review survey.

"So what" you might be thinking. "Only employees in Finance or Accounting need to know that stuff, right?"

Well, it depends.

If you want to make smarter business decisions, avoid creating financial problems that put your company at risk and have a desire to move up the corporate ladder by being a well-rounded contributor – then beefing up your financial acumen is critical. If you don't, ignoring your financial literacy is just fine.

For those that want to advance their careers and help their organization succeed this report gives non-financial managers the practical tools they need by 80/20ing the complexities of Finance and Accounting.

Finance for Non-Financial Managers in 30 Minutes

  • The "real" difference between Finance and Accounting
  • 3 ways for non-Finance people to gain insight from Balance Sheets
  • Straightforward method for analyzing Income Statements
  • Managing cash flow: The 8 cardinal rules of cash
  • 10 Payroll facts to help you answer common employee questions
  • 10 things your CFO wants you to know about Finance

Make Smarter Decisions by Understanding Key Elements of Finance

  • Understanding Balance Sheets: The snapshot of financial health
  • The 3 building blocks of every Balance Sheet
  • The bottom line: Understanding the Income Statement
  • 5 cash handling guidelines for managers
  • 4 reasons why cash is king

Become a More Well-Rounded Manager by Improving Your Financial Acumen

  • 5 elements of cash management
  • 7 places to check to stop cash flow from draining
  • 3 examples why you need to befriend your Accounts Payable department
  • The 2 legal areas non-finance managers need to know to keep their company out of hot water
  • 5 bits of advice from Accounts Receivable pros
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